April 4, 2022

Patient champion conquers personal debt

Patient champion conquers personal debt

Lois LaVoie is a J5/MDC registered nurse at Beverly Hospital & Addison Gilbert Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts. A Daisy Award winner, her patients love her because “She is not only caring, she is considerate, happy, lighthearted, funny, and patient. She is the definition of a true caregiver.”

At the beginning of 2021, Lois was looking to consolidate personal debt and immediately thought of BHG Money. When Lois approached BHG Money for a loan estimate, she quickly found the concierge service she read about in reviews and had heard about from her daughter and peers.

“From start to finish, BHG Money funded me in less than a week, and my team at BHG Money was friendly, gave me the information I needed, was easy to get ahold of, and professional throughout the process.”

Within days of starting the process, Lois moved her personal debt to an affordable monthly payment and started a new chapter in her financial future. When asked if she would recommend BHG Money to others, the answer was a sound, “Absolutely.”

BHG Money is proud to partner with healthcare professionals like Lois, who are champions for their patients, to support them in financing a brighter future. For more information about how BHG Money can partner with you, contact our team. You can also see how affordable your monthly payment could be by using our Payment Estimator.