Taking out a personal loan in order to save for the future might seem counterintuitive. However, this strategy could be highly beneficial for you, whether you’re focused on strengthening your personal financial standing or ensuring the success of your business or career.

Beyond just helping you navigate the current economic circumstances today, a loan can also prepare you for what’s to come tomorrow. Here’s how:

1. Increase your savings

With a fixed-rate loan, you can consolidate multiple debts into one simple payment each month. Not only does this reduce the stress of juggling different payment dates and amounts, but it also eliminates the risk of missing a payment and being hit with costly late fees.

By working with a financial partner who can help you find a loan with a longer term, your monthly payment could be lower than a loan of the same amount with a shorter term. This means that even while you’re paying down your total debt, you have more cash in your pocket each month to put towards saving, investing, or having a reserve for unexpected expenses.

2. Improve your credit score

Paying off revolving debt with a loan doesn’t just consolidate multiple payments—it can also improve your overall financial profile. Your credit score is calculated using several metrics, one of which is credit utilization. This is determined by dividing the total amount of revolving debt you’re using by your total credit limit. The smaller this ratio is, the better, with most credit bureaus advising you keep it around 30% or less.

Strengthening your credit score—and your overall financial profile—can help keep you in an advantageous financial position.

3. Make new investments

By taking out a loan, you can drastically increase the cash you have on hand and give yourself the opportunity to make investments that can build your future wealth. For example, you can invest in anything from real estate to cryptocurrency, memorabilia, and artwork with a personal loan for investments.

You can also invest in your own home with renovations and remodels¹ that can exponentially increase its value and result in even greater financial benefits for you in the future should you sell or refinance.

Whether you’re planning for your family’s future or yours, we can help you find the financial solution you need. Learn more by calling our team at 866.280.5476 or try our free Payment Estimator to see how low your monthly payment could be.

¹Loans funded by Pinnacle Bank, a Tennessee bank. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender