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Your trusted financial partner providing innovative financial solutions

Removing financial complexity

BHG Money was founded in 2001 to provide financing for the unique needs of professionals. As the company has grown from three to over 1,000 employees, BHG Money has remained committed to providing professionals a better lending experience.

Integrity in everything we do

BHG Money has been a trusted lender for over two decades, funding over $9 billion in loans to borrowers just like you.

Al Crawford on leadership

Al Crawford is a Co-Founder of BHG Financial and currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He is responsible for overseeing all facets of the company and its operations.

His unique passion and excitement for creating financial solutions shines at BHG Financial. He has helped facilitate more than $9 billion with financial institutions, including 1,300+ banks nationwide.

success stories

Diane U., RN Crystal M. Inga P. Matt Q.
  • Diane U., RN
    "As an RN impacted by COVID both personally and professionally, BHG Money has given me the opportunity to return to some sense of normalcy. I now have a more positive financial outlook where I feel I have more control over my future."
    - Diane U., RN
  • Crystal M.
    "BHG Money actually provided me with more capital beyond what they originally quoted me and also gave me a good rate on my deal. If you’re a new business looking to raise capital, BHG Money can help!"
    - Crystal M.
  • Inga P.
    "Excellent company to help me consolidate my debt without impacting my credit score. It was so easy and I only wish I would have done it sooner."
    - Inga P.
  • Matt Q.
    "BHG Money took the time to understand my financial needs and offer a practical solution. The application process and ease of the transaction were far better than I have experienced anywhere in the last 30 years."
    - Matt Q.

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